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Alexander Pozdnyakov
Alexander Pozdnyakov composer Canada
Современные композиторы - Канада

Alexander Pozdnyakov
Montreal, QC H4G 1K5 Canada

Composer in residence for OIM-MIO (Orchestre Interculturel de Montréal)


member of the Union of Composers of Russia since 2013

Alexander Pozdnyakov was born in Penza (Russia) where he graduated from the School of
Music in piano and the College of Music in music theory.

In 1991 he enters professor Chernoff's class of composition in the Russian Academy of
Music and after graduating with honors, remains in the same establishment teaching
theoretical disciplines.

In 2004 Alexander moves to Montreal and enters the University of Montreal, where under
the guidance of professor Belkin, he completes his Masters and PhD degrees and teaches
orchestration for four consecutive years.

Alexander Pozdnyakov is a winner of 15 competitions and honorary fellowship in
composition, including the Jubilee Scholarship of UNESCO for Outstanding Achievement in a
creative activity. Alexander Pozdnyakov's music has been played in Russia, Canada as well
as across Europe, Asia and South America.

•    University of Montreal – Doctor of Music in Composition (with Professor Dr. Alan Belkin), 2006–2012
•    University of Montreal – Master of Music in Composition, 2006
•    Moscow State University of Service – PhD in Philosophy (Aesthetics), 2002
•    The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music – Professor’s Assistance, 1998
•    The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music – Graduate Diploma, Composer and Teacher of music theory disciplines, 1996
•    The Penza Music College (Russia) – Theory of Music and Composition, 1991
Professional Teaching Experience

•    Part-time lecturer at Music Faculty, University of Montreal, 2007–2011
Principal duties: responsible for the courses Orchestration 1 and 2
•    Auxiliary at the class of counterpoint, University of Montreal, 2004–2007
•    Senior lecturer at The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, 2001–2004
Principal duties: responsible for the courses of music informatics (Finale, Cubase, Sound Forge etc.); member and chair member of entering exams of solfege and harmony
•    Professor of solfege, harmony and composition at the Center of Education #686 (Moscow), 1998–2002
•    Winner of New Generation Orchestra Competition Romeo and Juliette, 2012
•    Winner of Orchestra Competition - University of Montreal, 2009
•    Winner of Competition Clement-Morin for the choir, 2007–2008
•    Winner of Atelier of Contemporary Music, Montreal, 2006
•    Scholarship of the Fund “Friends of the Arts”, 2005–2006
•    Inscription in the List of Honor of the Dean of the Faculty of Superior Studies, 2006
•    Scholarship of the Fund “Friends of the Arts”, 2004–2005
•    Master and Doctoral scholarships, University of Montreal 2004–2010
•    Scholarship of the Alexander Glazunov's Fund (Munich), 2003
•    Personal Myaskovsky scholarship of the Rostropovich Fund, 1998
•    Second prize in the Composition Competition “Tribute to Boris Tchaikovsky”, 1996
•    UNESCO 50 years Jubilee scholarship for the “Outstanding achievements in the studies, scientific and creative activities”, 1995
•    First prize in the First All Russia Composer Competition “Young composers of Russia”, 1993
•    Commission by the Ministry of Culture of Russia for the Piano Variations, 1992
•    Personal scholarship of the Penza Music Society, 1988–1991

Principal compositions
•    Orchestra: Rhapsody on Jewish Themes, Break-dance, Andante, KOLOcall, On a Russian Theme, Symphony of Elements, Signs of Zodiac, Fujiyama (Concerto for two pianos and orchestra), Concerto for oboe, horn and strings, Concerto for Piano and Strings, Partita, Symphony

•    Vocal music: Que Dieu Soit for choir, organ and oboe on the poem by Ann Hebert, Kyrie for choir a capella, Three songs for the children choir, Two men’s trio, Vocal cycle for bass and piano on the poems by Isikava Takuboku, Five songs for bass and piano on the poems by Marshak, Romance for soprano and piano on the poem by Robert Burns

•    Piano: Diptych, Slavic Sonata, Impulses, Sketches, Variations, Sonata, Suita, 2 Preludes, Fantasy, Fairytales

•    Chamber music: Canons for Cello and percussions, Brass-Quintet, 5 fugues for three clarinets, Suite for oboe and harpsichord, Nocturnes for violin and clarinet, String quartet, Fantasy for violin solo, Sonata for flute and clarinet, Sonata for bassoon solo

Principal performances

•    2013: Rhapsody on Jewish Themes, conductor Sylvia Tabor, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2013: KOLOcall, conductor Sylvia Tabor, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2012: Break-dance, conductor Boris Brott, The National Academy Orchestra of Canada, Hamilton
•    2012: Andante, conductor Alain Aubut, Orchestra New Generation
•    2011: KOLOcall, conductor Sylvia Tabor, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2010: On a Russian Theme by Orchestra of University of Montreal, conductor Alain Trudel, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2009: Concert “Four Elements” of compositions of Alexander Pozdnyakov, conductor Airat Ichmouratov, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2008: Signs of Zodiac, conductor Loraine Vaincourt, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2007: Concert of piano compositions of Alan Belkin and Alexander Pozdnyakov performed by Tatiana Shevelev and Natalia Mirzoeva, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2006: Slavic Sonata, performed by Natalia Mirzoeva, Salle Claude Champagne
•    2005: Vocal cycle for bass and piano based on the poems of Isikava Takubuku, Festival of contemporary music, Big Hall of Petrozavodsk Conservatory, performed by Vladimir Morozov
•    1991- 2004: Numerous performances in different Moscow music halls such as Big Hall of Moscow Conservatory, Big Hall and Small Hall of The Gnesin Russian Academy of music, Concert Hall of House of Union of Composers of Russia, Concert Hall of House of Science
•    1990: Concert of compositions of Alexander Pozdnyakov, Penza Music College Hall

Thesis supervised (PhD)

•    Problem of Harmony in Philosophical-Aesthetical Conception of Leibniz (2002)

•    Sources of musical-esthetic ideas of Leibnitz; Philosophy and Music. Moscow, Russian Academy of Music, 2001
•    Antonova O., Pozdnyakov A. To the question on musical-mathematical research of Leibnitz. Moscow, Russian Academy of Music, 1999

Methodical and organizing activity
•    Coordinator and member of the jury of Crescendo International Music Competition (New-York, NY), 2010–Present
•    Professor of Canadian Association “Chess and Math”, 2010–Present
•    Organization of courses “Music”, “Philosophy” and “Chess” at Russian School Gramota (Montreal), 2006–Present
•    Winner of five tournaments and a match in Chess Club of Montreal, 2008–2009
•    Organization of workshops of the introduction software and hardware “Allegro-Brail” in Holland, Costa-Rica, Vietnam, Malaysia, 1998–2002
•    Participation for the research program of transferring the music scores on Brail (organized by fund Force; Holland) and creating of software and hardware “Allegro-Brail”, 1994–1998
•    Member of the jury of the National Composing Competition in Penza (Russia), 1993–2002

•    French
•    English
•    Russian

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